Dr. Angela Agrios, ND
California Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

Offering Telehealth Appointments

971.409.6538 phone
888.419.0764 fax


Service Fees – In office/via phone/video conference
Initial consultation, 2 hours – $500
Standard follow-up consultations, 1 hour Р$300,  brief/less than 30 min Р$200

On Location Services – $500 per hour for travel time + the cost of services

We are not in network with any insurance. Fees are due at the time of service. We accept cash, check, all forms of credit, HSA + FSA cards. PPO insurance may be used for standard lab tests. If you have an HMO or medicare, Dr. Agrios will advise on any conventional lab tests that may be ordered through your insurance through your in-network doctor.

Initial Consultation Description: Comprehensive review of past and current medical history, review of previous labs and imaging reports, and pertinent physical exam. At the close of the initial consultation a customized treatment plan is provided which includes lab orders (e.g., blood, saliva, urine and/or stool), dietary recommendations, lifestyle modification suggestions and nutrient/botanical/homeopathic remedy recommendations. Treatment may include prescriptions for bio-identical hormones or other medications.

Follow-Up Consultation Description: Review of labs ordered during previous appointment, evaluation of treatment progress, treatment plan modifications based on lab results and progress report, ordering of additional labs if warranted. Typically, follow-up consultations are monthly until the health condition has stabilized, and then quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly as needed.

What To Expect: Naturopathic Medicine¬†focuses on the entirety of one’s health profile which helps to identify the cause of health disturbance. The goal of Naturopathic treatment is to restore the regenerative processes of the body. Although every patient is unique and every health condition is different, patients generally experience a resolution of their initial presenting symptoms, more energy, improved mood, less pain, better sleep, stronger immune function with fewer illnesses, and a reduction or elimination of prescription drug use.