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Perimenopause Symptoms

Dr. AA (as I like to call her) is amazing! Not only is she kind and understanding, she is brilliant!!!! I love the fact that I can tell her ALL my woes – both body and mind. She is a great listener. After hearing it all, she prescribes a health regime specifically designed for me to follow daily, based on all the info from our visit and lab work – blood tests, saliva tests or whatever else she feels necessary to get me on back on track. You feel heard, cared for and nurtured (and above all like there is hope and you are not going crazy) after leaving her office. Don’t get me wrong it is not magic—you have to do the work and be committed to your well-being in order to reap the benefits of her brilliance. I have been working with Dr. AA  since 2007. I found Dr. AA when I was going through such a stressful time in my life. So much so that it was sending me into an early menopause. I had all the symptoms. I mean ALL! I don’t like to take synthetic medicine. Never have. Working with her, and doing all that she suggested with naturopathic medicine completely took away all those nasty symptoms and set me right again. Now I am ready for it when it actually is supposed to happen. I am not looking forward to “it”  but at least I know I have Dr. AA to help me get through it as sanely as possible! From all I know about it and all I’ve seen I could not imagine going through it without her. I highly recommend Dr. AA for anybody seeking a better, healthier, and saner way to live. Antonia Hillard


After learning I had PCOS, my sister encouraged me to explore naturopathic medicine before submitting to the more invasive drug therapy options my conventional OB-GYN was prescribing. She asked her beloved naturopath in Orange County for a referral here in Los Angeles – which led me to Dr. Agrios. I was sent an intake form that asked about everything from my stress levels and spiritual practices to the ingredients in my diet and vitamins. When I came into the office, Dr. Agrios had noticeably studied this information and spent two hours walking me through the principles of naturopathic medicine, her questions, concerns, and game plan – all in a way that was easy to understand with an intelligent, kind, and engaging personality. The said game plan required effort and discipline with regards to my eating, exercising, and sleeping habits, but within one week I was feeling better than I had in a long time, and within one month, new blood work showed a reversal of the majority of my hormone imbalances. What’s even more, though, is the empowered feeling of understanding of what my body needs to feel the best I can in general, and the comfort of having someone I really trust with my questions. Thank you, Dr. Agrios! Saxon Luke

Alopecia, Stress, Hormone Imbalance and Menopause 

I had been suffering from hair loss, manifested as multiple bald spots, which had been diagnosed by both my hairdresser and dermatologist as alopecia brought on by stress.  After a month or more of treatment with my dermatologist, whom I love, little if any improvement had occurred and she was recommending I go on an oral steroid. That is when I followed the advice of my sisters and sought the help of Dr. Agrios.

Dr. A. very systematically, and in fairly short order, diagnosed the various things in my system that were out of balance or deficient. She then addressed the whole of me and recommended a plan to address my stress levels, improve my sleep and correct the hormone imbalances from which I was suffering but hadn’t even realized. I can honestly say, she changed my life!  She addressed the whole of me in a supportive, holistic and results based approach.  For a period, I commuted weekly to the Pacific Palisades from Manhattan Beach for treatment and I would do it all over again.  She has treated my sister, mother and father and several friends whom I’ve referred.  All are equally enthusiastic about the results and the loving care with which Dr. Agrios treats her patients.  I can’t say enough about her. Going forward, Dr. Angela will be my first stop for any health concerns and to ensure my overall health and longevity. Linda McLoughlin Figel

Autoimmune Disorder, Exhaustion and Skin Rash

I really loved working with Dr. Agrios. I had an autoimmune illness and was in horrible condition. I was really not living – sleeping 14+ hours a day, laying in bed all day, too tired to even eat. I was a wreck. Dr. Agrios really helped me feel like we had a plan to help me heal, she walked me through a whole holistic view of what was going on, ran so many different tests to pinpoint what was going to help me the most. Through her recommended supplements and changes I gained so much of my energy back, my skin healed so much, I just really felt so much happier and confident that I could gain my normal life back. I haven’t seen her for more than a year now but I am SO grateful for her knowledge and support through the hardest period in my life because now I am completely healthy and happy. Couldn’t recommend her more!! Ali Daniels

Stomach Issues, Fatigue, Weight Loss and Low Mood

I am SO HAPPY I found Dr. Agrios.  I was dealing with stomach issues, mild depression, rapid weight loss when I wasn’t trying to lose weight, trouble gaining muscle, shortness of breath at times, and very irregular stools.  I was dealing with this for almost 2 years, which is crazy for someone in the health and fitness industry who leads a very healthy lifestyle.  I knew something wasn’t right but doctor after doctor told me I was the healthiest person they ever saw and nothing was wrong, it was all in my head.  I was giving up hope and thought this is what its going to be now. I decided to try one more option. I’m big into natural medicine so I decided to look for both a doctor and a natural path.  Enter Dr Agrios.  Not only did I fill out a very detailed questionnaire, Dr. Agrios sat with me for 2 hours in our first meeting listening to every symptom, taking notes and asking more questions.  She had a strong idea of what was going on but ran a full blood panel just to be sure.  Sure enough I had sever food sensitivities, my adrenals were fatigued and my vitamins deficient because of all the inflammation from the food sensitivities.  We started a natural remedy routine.  I cut out the foods I cant have and started the supplements Dr. Agrios recommended within a few weeks I felt like my old self again.  Everything stabilized.  My energy came back, my weight came back (this was a good thing for me) my stools got regular and I feel 110%.  Working with Dr. Agrios was a lifesaver.  I couldn’t do my job if she hadn’t helped me.  I am so thankful for this experience and natural medicine. Autumn Calabrese
Health Journey 

Working with Dr. Agrios is refreshing. She listens; she will not only answer every question I have, but she will make sure I have understood.  I have found that very valuable!

Dr. Agrios will work within the resources available to you with your PCP and insurance. She will set up a plan to look for the root cause of illness and to help the body heal itself. The plan is easy to understand what needs to be accomplished and in what timeframe. With each appointment and concern, Dr. Agrios updates treatment plan.

Working with Dr. Agrios and using naturopathy has been a huge gift on my health journey. Dr. Agrios believes the patient; your symptoms are taken seriously. Dr. Agrios takes advantage of the science to determine what is going on in the body, but above all hears the patient and what they are experiencing. Rebecca Pelishek


For a number of years prior to consulting with Dr. Angela Agrios, I had experienced abdominal discomfort. My family doctor diagnosed the condition as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and prescribed medication which I did not take. Instead, I consulted with Dr Angela Agrios in the summer of 2008. Dr Agrios spent a full hour talking with me about my medical history and nutritional habits. She had a suspicion that the abdominal pain was caused by a food allergy and sent me to a lab for blood tests. The blood tests confirmed that a number of foods could be causing the abdominal pain, especially gluten. Dr. Agrios outlined both a nutritional and supplement plan based on my symptoms, medical history and test results. Within about 4 months of following the plan, including the elimination of gluten in the diet, the abdominal pain subsided. I continue to consult with Dr. Agrios on an annual basis where she always takes a full hour to go over the nutritional and supplemental plan that I followed the previous year. I highly recommend Dr. Angela Agrios to anyone who is looking for an alternative or complement to traditional medicine. Scott Dahlberg, May 2016

Exhaustion, Sleepless Nights and Stomach Issues

About 20 years ago I was very ill.  “Regular” doctors said I was “fine”.  But, I was extremely exhausted, had stomach issues, sleepless at night. They suggested talk therapy which I did. But that didn’t solve the issues.  Randomly, I walked into a Chinese herbalist’s office.  He did a quick check and told me I was dying.  Finally, someone had confirmed what I knew already.  Long story short, I met with a naturopath who transformed my life.  He gave me a new eating regimen, supplements and other protocols.  Within three weeks, I was 70% better! It was literally a miracle.  I worked with that naturopath for about 15 years until he moved away and began a different type of practice.

I was excited when I was referred to Angela Agrios.  I was curious what a different naturopath would tell me.  She immediately did blood tests and her thoroughness blew me away.  She reviewed all my past medical reports from Kaiser.   She told me that I had Hashimoto’s and a number of other issues that my previous naturopath did not detect.  I think it was her thoroughness and incredible knowledge of both western and eastern practices that make her such an excellent naturopathic dr.  I was scared to go on synthroid, so she prescribed naturthroid.

I am so grateful for her passion and uber-intelligence, as well as kindness and compassion which has helped me to regain my mental focus, clarity and energy (which had decreased over the years from lazy health habits).  At times, she also acts as a gentle coach, nudging me into new ways of living and eating.

My goal has always been not to just feel OK but to feel amazing all the time, not just some of the time – she has embraced this goal of mine, and we are getting closer every day!

Thank you, Dr. Agrios! Lisa Singer

Nasal Congestion

After 12 years of daily use, I am now free of (conventional) nose spray thanks to naturopathic medicine and the help of Dr. Angela Agrios, ND. I’ve been free of nose spray and nasal congestion for over a year now. I found out through Dr. Agrios that I didn’t have a nasal infection.  Prior to meeting Dr. Agrios, I had tried every possible natural remedy you can think of, including the neti pot, sinus rinses, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, various herbs, colloidal silver, every natural nose spray on the market (almost all aimed at reducing or eliminating nasal infections) – if it was natural, I tried it.  So, it turns out that my circulatory system was weak, and actually, I didn’t realize this, but my nose bleeds and some foot problems I was having were all related to my circulation problems.  So Dr. Angela Agrios figured out that I needed to help my circulation and related systems to fix the problem.  She had me stop eating bread (processed food) and had me start taking a lot of different supplements, including a “vein formula,” Vitamin C, CoQ-10, a B Vitamin complex, and many more.  This all helped, and I was able to stop using nose spray during the day, but still needed to breathe when I went to bed.  Then she told me that the nose spray was putting me on a path towards congestive heart failure, and that got my attention.  She upped my CoQ-10 dose and I stopped using nose spray at night.  After few days I was able to stop using the (conventional) nose spray altogether, and I have been nose spray free and nasal congestion free for over a year!  Wow!  Thank you Dr. Agrios! Larry Cook

Hormone Transition Support

I was referred to Dr. Angela through a client of mine in 2016. My preferred method of healthcare has been holistic which dates back to 1992. Upon discovering natural and integrative medicine, I never looked back to conventional doctors.

 I had been looking for a new naturopathic doctor after my current one had moved out of state. I was so delighted to hear of the positive experience and knowledge of Dr. Angela from my client. I reached out to her immediately for an appointment.

Dr. Angela is very passionate about natural/holistic medicine. This shows in every ounce of her being. Just being in her presence and hearing her speak about medicine proves this. Her incredible insight and knowledge extends beyond anyone I have experienced in this field.  She is an extremely kind, bright, intuitive and a very compassionate woman/doctor. Her attention to detail brings about a deep confidence and trust that your health concerns will be addressed with careful and precise solutions. This is greatly appreciated when searching for answers. 

Dr. Angela has helped me tremendously in my challenges pertaining to peri-menopausal/menopause symptoms. Her thoroughness in starting with the proper blood tests proved to be accurate markers in looking at all levels of hormones within me. This allowed for us to address, successfully, all that was out of balance with me hormonally, without the use of pharmaceuticals. This has given me much hope and relief of returning to and feeling like a normal woman again. 

My journey as a woman, through this delicate time of life, has been tremendously easier to handle thanks to Dr. Angela. I know that I can rely on and continue to count on her, for all my healthcare concerns, in addition to helping me and my family achieve and maintain a wonderful state of wellbeing for many years to come. 

I am so extremely grateful and appreciative of Dr. Angela. I could not imagine my life without her. Stacey Gibbs


Wow, am I happy I found Dr. Agrios!  I was referred by a friend who went to her with perimenopause symptoms similar to what I was experiencing:  low energy, depression, dizziness, low sex drive, night sweats, insomnia and terrible hot flashes!  After my initial meeting with Dr. Agrios I could tell I was in the right hands.  First, she had me take blood and urine tests to figure out what was going on with my body.  Once the results came in we discovered my estrogen levels were very low, that I needed more adrenal support, I was low in iodine and my hormones were all over the place!  That’s when she recommended I go with a Bio-Identical Hormone treatment, along with a vitamin and supplement regimen to right my body’s chemistry.

I can’t say enough about how amazing the results have been.  After only a week or so, I stopped having night sweats and hot flashes.  I have my energy back and feel like myself again!  And the best part of the whole thing has been the wonderful, caring, nurturing experience I’ve enjoyed with Dr. Agrios.  I was nervous at the start of the process, but she explains everything so well and is such a calming, confident caregiver.  She has been incredibly accessible to me whenever I have a question or a concern about what’s going on with my body, and calls or emails me back right away with an explanation or a solution to the issue.  She’s the best!

I highly recommend Dr. Agrios– she will change your life! Kathryn Stephens

 General Health Tune-Up

I found Dr. Agrios after doing a google search on Naturopathic Doctors in Los Angeles. I called several NDs to get a feel for their approach and found that Dr. Agrios was my choice! I liked the fact that Dr. Agrios listened and replied to all of my questions. She took her time and I liked her immediately. I went to Dr. Agrios because I wanted an overall health check up, and I had been feeling a little low on energy. My initial consultation was extremely thorough beyond my expectation. She is very knowledgeable, attentive and caring. She has a calming effect and offers very practical suggestions. Dr. Agrios ordered general blood work, hormone tests and a nutrient panel. During my follow up visit Dr. Agrios explained the results of my hormone tests and nutrient panel and answered all of my many questions. This is where I learned the most. I did not not need to make any dietary changes, as I was already on a diet of organic vegetables/fruits, clean protein and did not consume alcohol or sugar. I did have some nutrient deficiencies to address. Dr. Agrios spent time explaining the various supplements needed to address my deficiencies and how to best incorporate them into my daily routine. Thanks to Dr. Agrios, my health today is fine and I have a better understanding of how my body utilizes the foods I consume, the supplements I take, and the various changes that are happening in my body. I happily do not need to take any pharmaceutical medications. I have great peace knowing that Dr. Agrios is there when I have a health concern. She always responds immediately. I would definitely recommend that anyone who is seeking optimal health, or is in need of treatment for any disease or ailment check with Dr. Agrios first. It is nothing short of wonderful working with Dr. Agrios! Donna Marie Malatinoorganic hair care specialist – www.donnamalatino.com

Hormone Imbalance and Thyroid Issues

When I came to see Dr. Agrios, I had so many health problems, especially with my thyroid and hormone balance. Dr. Agrios’ approach to my problems was so thorough that I was impressed from the first time I saw her. She created a personalized treatment plan using the results that we got from the tests she ordered, and then I saw the wonderful results in my health. Especially with my thyroid – she was the first doctor to find the right thyroid hormone amount and the right alternative medications to bring about good results. She never lets me down, I feel comfortable asking her any questions and she responds promptly whenever I have concerns. I have recommended Dr. Agrios to my friends and would definitely recommend her to anyone. Dinorah Mayton

Debilitating PMS

After going to many western and “normal” doctors, I was beyond frustrated. The answer to debilitating premenstrual symptoms was the pill. There was never a mention of checking my hormone levels, asking me about my diet, or discussing my lifestyle. I was on the pill for over ten years and by the end I was depressed, constantly tired, and feeling like I had no options. A family member suggested that I see Dr. Agrios. It was the best decision I have ever made for my health. Dr. Agrios listened to my whole story. Yes, the whole story. She was patient, kind, thorough and compassionate. Dr. A actually cares about her patients and uses a holistic approach. She takes the time and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to any symptom. A symptom isn’t something to simply be covered up. Dr. Agrios investigates to determine the root cause of every symptom. Now that I know and follow Dr. A’s protocol, my energy has returned and I feel like a normal person throughout the entire month. No more feeling like I got run over by a truck and not being able to get out of bed. I’ve also be able to easily lose 65lb. She’s so caring and simply brilliant. I marvel about how much she knows. I have recommended all of my family and friends work with Dr. Agrios. I am so appreciative and grateful that I’ve been able to work with her. I feel like I’m on the road to optimal health. Maria Dimakos


I have seen several dermatologists over the last 6 years for eczema and all they ever prescribed were steroid creams that discolored my skin and just masked the problem for a couple days. None of the Drs. ever cared to find out what was causing the flair-ups by doing blood tests or even asking any questions. They saw me for 5 minutes and wrote me a prescription. I wanted to work with someone that cared to find the cause of the problem and treat my problem with a more natural and long term solution. I decided to see Dr. Agrios. The initial consultation was very comfortable in an inviting environment. Dr. Agrios has a very calming demeanor that makes you feel comfortable sharing. She took the time to really get to know my condition and not rush me through the appointment. She asked a lot of questions to understand my eating, stress and daily habits to help her asses my overall condition. She ordered an Elisa IgG blood panel and prescribed nutritional supplements to decrease the inflammation and help heal my skin while we waited for the results of the blood test. I learned which foods cause the flare-ups (mostly dairy and eggs). I learned what vitamins and minerals my body was lacking and the effect those deficiencies were having on my mood and energy. There was about a 90% improvement with my skin. I have occasional flair-ups but they are likely caused because I splurge on the foods that Dr. Agrios asked that I try to reduce or stay away from (cheese is my weakness!). I would happily recommend Dr. Agrios to anyone that is looking for a natural medicine alternative to conventional medicine treatment. She is very knowledgeable and treats her patients like they are important. She cares about finding a natural solution that is acceptable and manageable in everyday life. Aphrodite Papanikolaou

MTHFR, Former Benzodiazepine Dependency, Fibromyalgia

I consulted Dr. Agrios because I didn’t seem to recover properly from a former accidental benzodiazepine dependency and related MTHFR issues.  I had also gone through a major life transition several months prior to my seeing her for the first time and was looking for ways to get back into the work force after many years of “not working.”  All this contributed to my physical problems, which are a bit complex.   I was very comforted in that I found an attentive and calm listener in Dr. Angela, as I like to call her.  I am used to providing a detailed health history to a doctor as this makes unraveling of present health mysteries easier.  I was very impressed by the fact that Dr. Angela had read and absorbed my long health history by the time I first saw her.  I prefer actively participating in my healthcare and was very glad that she readily accepted my partnership.   She suggested several tests and when I mentioned financial constraints she was able to advise me very compassionately with regard to alternate routes.  We settled for one test and it yielded all the results hoped for.

Dr. Angela was able to sort through my multi-faceted health issues very efficiently and it is very evident that she has a lot of knowledge in the field of natural medicine as well as what is now called “functional medicine.”  I am doing a lot better since I first consulted her and I am truly grateful to have found a doctor who has such a good grasp of my current health issues and who I feel is quite capable of continuing to help me achieve optimal health as well as prevent future illness.  Working with Dr. Angela feels like working with a good, medically educated friend to whom I can safely entrust all my health concerns. Iris Schuetz


Optimal Wellness Support

Dr. Agrios has helped tremendously in my pursuit of improved health through natural methods. I initially went to her with a mission to dial in my nutrients and supplements, but what I’ve ended up with is so much more. I couldn’t be happier with my results and I feel better than ever.Dr. Agrios is incredibly smart. She has tremendous insight to nutrients, supplements, as well as tools for overall well-being. She is exceptional at listening to concerns and at interpreting lab work. These skills have provided for a unique experience, one that has helped in many aspects of my life. Working with Dr. Agrios has led to a very honed-in approach, specifically for my body and my overall health. Health is absolutely attainable through natural means and methods, while still using modern technology as a tool. I am fortunate to have found Dr. Agrios through a mutual friend, and I wholeheartedly recommend her in support of any health and wellness needs you may have.  Lorana Quintero

Diabetes and Autoimmune Disease

I was seeking help with an autoimmune disease, diabetes, hypertension, and joint pain. I found Dr. Agrios on You Tube. I liked how she explained in detail about autoimmune diseases, testing, and treatments. My initial consultation was excellent! Dr. Agrios spent so much time listening and explaining. She covered all my lab results line by line and explained everything so that I could better understand what is going on. I left her office very pleased and with hope. I love Dr. Agrios! She is a fantastic doctor. She is kind, compassionate, very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to my concerns and goes into great detail about test results and treatment plan. Dr. Agrios suggested—because of my auto immune disease/joint pain and diabetes—that we focus on the Paleo diet to remove all the flour, starches etc. out of my diet. She also wants me to drink plenty of water. I am taking several supplements, drinking plenty of water, and have changed my diet. I have had plenty of follow-ups with Dr. Agrios. I was taking anti-inflammatory meds that Dr. Agrios had me stop taking because of all the health risks they carried. She put me on a natural anti-inflammatory supplement that has worked very well. She is currently working on my blood pressure and Diabetes so that we can wean me off of those meds as well. I drive or fly from the Bay Area (San Jose, CA ) to see her. She is the best! I would definitely recommend her. Dianna Medeiros


My son and I went along with my wife, Aphrodite, to Dr. Agrios’ office while she was being seen for her problems with eczema. After Dr. Agrios finished her appointment with my wife, we were all just chatting (which was refreshing). My wife told Dr. Agrios a little about how it seems that a lot of the time, I feel tired and run down. Dr. Agrios asked me a little about myself and my lifestyle. After I told her a little about me she recommended some vitamins that I should take daily. I have to say that after I started taking the vitamins regularly, I noticed quite a difference in my energy level. I have more energy throughout the day. I know it’s not the most exciting story, but I really appreciated the fact that Dr. Agrios took the time to listen and just give her recommendation. I really respect the path of medicine she has chosen and I know she will help many people. She helped me and my wife, but I’ll let my wife share her experience. Joshua Lam

General Health

I have seen Dr. Agrios for years, since she opened her practice. She has helped me maintain general good health and has targeted my particular symptoms. She takes into account all aspects of my health, emotional, behavioral, as well as physical. I appreciate her ability to explain concepts in a simple, understandable way. She gets to the heart of the matter and has always seemed to want me to understand my health so that I can maintain it. I have learned a great deal from Dr. Agrios. She is a wealth of information and has brought it to bear as she’s made conclusions about my conditions or problems. Most importantly to me, she is very caring and goes above and beyond. Diana Wilson

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 21 years ago.  Over the course of those 21 years, I have NEVER had a doctor take as in-depth of a look into my medical history as Dr. Agrios – and I have been to other Naturopathic doctors as well as traditional rheumatologists. I had prayed arduously for a doctor to care enough about me to really help me and, I believe, God led me to her. When I first came to her in October of 2016, I was in extreme pain from off the charts inflammation. After so many years and so many doctors, I was desperate and, honestly, hopeless. Dr. Agrios reviewed 2 years worth of lab work from previous doctors and began connecting the dots. She chose to treat me very differently than any doctor had ever recommended. Within 4 days of beginning one of the treatments, my pain level dropped from a 10 (on a scale from 1 to 10) to a 6/7. Oh my goodness!!! I was so grateful. She changed my diet. As if my interactions had not been awesome enough with her, she gave me a hug after our first visit. I really needed that. She is what I believe doctors are supposed to be … someone knowledgeable across traditional as well as alternative medical approaches, someone who cares, someone who wants you to get WELL! It has only been a few months with her, but I can only expect things to get even better with time based upon what has happened so far. JF

Hormone Imbalance (Acne, PMS, Menstruel Cramps, Irregular Periods), Depression, Overall Health
3 years ago I was going through a very dark time in my life suffering from depression, desperate for help. I was searching online for a good Naturopathic Doctor and found Dr. Angela Agrios. She was exactly what I was looking for after everything that I had been through, after being back and fourth in many different M.D. offices with no success, I felt instant relief when I met Dr. Angela because immediately, I trusted her. I finally felt like I was actually going to get helped and all my questions were finally going to be answered! Dr. Angela has great knowledge in everything. She has helped me with my hormonal imbalance due to stress and all of it’s symptoms such as irregular periods, extremely painful menstrual cramps (that I had been suffering with for 9 years) PMS, moderate bloating, mild constipation, some hair loss. She has helped me with my skin problems and controlled my acne, she has helped me with my diet and overall health! After seeing results, my depression went away and I slowly got my life back and felt like I was living again. I was feeling better mentally, physically and emotionally. I am so thankful for Dr. Angela for guiding me and using her knowledge to make sure I am taken care of and healthy. Natural medicine is such a safe and effective way to heal yourself and Dr. Angela’s set up is what everybody looks for when they go to visit a doctor. She helped take me out of the darkness and misery. She is my angel, a true Godsent! I appreciate Dr. Angela for what she does and as a person. She is someone I want to continue being a patient of forever.
I recommend Dr. Angela to anybody who feels lost and is seeking help from someone trustworthy! Anaiss