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Peri-Menopause Symptoms
Dr. AA (as I like to call her) is amazing! Not only is she kind and understanding, she is brilliant!!!! I love the fact that I can tell her ALL my woes – both body and mind. She is a great listener. After hearing it all, she prescribes a health regime specifically designed for me to follow daily, based on all the info from our visit and lab work – blood tests, saliva tests or whatever else she feels necessary to get me on back on track. You feel heard, cared for and nurtured (and above all like there is hope and you are not going crazy) after leaving her office. Don’t get me wrong it is not magic—you have to do the work and be committed to your well-being in order to reap the benefits of her brilliance. I have been working with Dr. AA  since 2007. I found Dr. AA when I was going through such a stressful time in my life. So much so that it was sending me into an early menopause. I had all the symptoms. I mean ALL! I don’t like to take synthetic medicine. Never have. Working with her, and doing all that she suggested with naturopathic medicine completely took away all those nasty symptoms and set me right again. Now I am ready for it when it actually is supposed to happen. I am not looking forward to “it”  but at least I know I have Dr. AA to help me get through it as sanely as possible! From all I know about it and all I’ve seen I could not imagine going through it without her. I highly recommend Dr. AA for anybody seeking a better, healthier, and saner way to live.
Antonia Hillard
A General Health Tune-Up
I found Dr. Agrios after doing a google search on Naturopathic Doctors in Los Angeles. I called several NDs to get a feel for their approach and found that Dr. Agrios was my choice! I liked the fact that Dr. Agrios listened and replied to all of my questions. She took her time and I liked her immediately. I went to Dr. Agrios because I wanted an overall health check up, and I had been feeling a little low on energy. My initial consultation was extremely thorough beyond my expectation. She is very knowledgeable, attentive and caring. She has a calming effect and offers very practical suggestions. Dr. Agrios ordered general bloodwork, hormone tests and a nutrient panel. During my follow up visit Dr. Agrios explained the results of my hormone tests and nutrient panel and answered all of my many questions. This is where I learned the most. I did not not need to make any dietary changes, as I was already on a diet of organic vegetables/fruits, clean protein and did not consume alcohol or sugar. I did have some nutrient deficiencies to address. Dr. Agrios spent time explaining the various supplements needed to address my deficiencies and how to best incorporate them into my daily routine. Thanks to Dr. Agrios, my health today is fine and I have a better understanding of how my body utilizes the foods I consume, the supplements I take, and the various changes that are happening in my body. I happily do not need to take any pharmaceutical medications. I have great peace knowing that Dr. Agrios is there when I have a health concern. She always responds immediately. I would definitely recommend that anyone who is seeking optimal health, or is in need of treatment for any disease or ailment check with Dr. Agrios first. It is nothing short of wonderful working with Dr. Agrios! Donna Marie Malatino, organic hair care specialist – www.donnamalatino.com
My son and I went along with my wife, Aphrodite, to Dr. Agrios’ office while she was being seen for her problems with eczema. After Dr. Agrios finished her appointment with my wife, we were all just chatting (which was refreshing). My wife told Dr. Agrios a little about how it seems that a lot of the time, I feel tired and run down. Dr. Agrios asked me a little about myself and my lifestyle. After I told her a little about me she recommended some vitamins that I should take daily. I have to say that after I started taking the vitamins regularly, I noticed quite a difference in my energy level. I have more energy throughout the day. I know it’s not the most exciting story, but I really appreciated the fact that Dr. Agrios took the time to listen and just give her recommendation. I really respect the path of medicine she has chosen and I know she will help many people. She helped me and my wife, but I’ll let my wife share her experience. Joshua Lam
scott-125pixels IBS
For a number of years prior to consulting with Dr. Angela Agrios, I had experienced abdominal discomfort. My family doctor diagnosed the condition as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and prescribed medication which I did not take. Instead, I consulted with Dr Angela Agrios in the summer of 2008. Dr Agrios spent a full hour talking with me about my medical history and nutritional habits. She had a suspicion that the abdominal pain was caused by a food allergy and sent me to a lab for blood tests. The blood tests confirmed that a number of foods could be causing the abdominal pain, especially gluten. Dr. Agrios outlined both a nutritional and supplement plan based on my symptoms, medical history and test results. Within about 4 months of following the plan, including the elimination of gluten in the diet, the abdominal pain subsided. I continue to consult with Dr. Agrios on an annual basis where she always takes a full hour to go over the nutritional and supplemental plan that I followed the previous year. I highly recommend Dr. Angela Agrios to anyone who is looking for an alternative or complement to traditional medicine. Scott Dahlberg, May 2016
  Diabetes and Auto-Immune Disease
I was seeking help with an autoimmune disease, diabetes, hypertension, and joint pain. I found Dr. Agrios on You Tube. I liked how she explained in detail about autoimmune diseases, testing, and treatments. My initial consultation was excellent! Dr. Agrios spent so much time listening and explaining. She covered all my lab results line by line and explained everything so that I could better understand what is going on. I left her office very pleased and with hope. I love Dr. Agrios! She is a fantastic doctor. She is kind, compassionate, very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to my concerns and goes into great detail about test results and treatment plan. Dr. Agrios suggested—because of my auto immune disease/joint pain and diabetes—that we focus on the Paleo diet to remove all the flour, starches etc. out of my diet. She also wants me to drink plenty of water. I am taking several supplements, drinking plenty of water, and have changed my diet. I have had plenty of follow-ups with Dr. Agrios. I was taking anti-inflammatory meds that Dr. Agrios had me stop taking because of all the health risks they carried. She put me on a natural anti-inflammatory supplement that has worked very well. She is currently working on my blood pressure and Diabetes so that we can wean me off of those meds as well. I drive or fly from the Bay Area (San Jose, CA ) to see her. She is the best! I would definitely recommend her. Dianna Medeiros
Hormones Imbalance & Thyroid Issues
When I came to see Dr. Agrios, I had so many health problems, especially with my thyroid and hormone balance. Dr. Agrios’ approach to my problems was so thorough that I was impressed from the first time I saw her. She created a personalized treatment plan using the results that we got from the tests she ordered, and then I saw the wonderful results in my health. Especially with my thyroid – she was the first doctor to find the right thyroid hormone amount and the right alternative medications to bring about good results. She never lets me down, I feel comfortable asking her any questions and she responds promptly whenever I have concerns. I have recommended Dr. Agrios to my friends and would definitely recommend her to anyone.
Dinorah Mayton
I have seen several dermatologists over the last 6 years for eczema and all they ever prescribed were steroid creams that discolored my skin and just masked the problem for a couple days. None of the Drs. ever cared to find out what was causing the flair-ups by doing blood tests or even asking any questions. They saw me for 5 minutes and wrote me a prescription. I wanted to work with someone that cared to find the cause of the problem and treat my problem with a more natural and long term solution. I decided to see Dr. Agrios. The initial consultation was very comfortable in an inviting environment. Dr. Agrios has a very calming demeanor that makes you feel comfortable sharing. She took the time to really get to know my condition and not rush me through the appointment. She asked a lot of questions to understand my eating, stress and daily habits to help her asses my overall condition. She ordered an Elisa IgG blood panel and prescribed nutritional supplements to decrease the inflammation and help heal my skin while we waited for the results of the blood test. I learned which foods cause the flare-ups (mostly dairy and eggs). I learned what vitamins and minerals my body was lacking and the effect those deficiencies were having on my mood and energy. There was about a 90% improvement with my skin. I have occasional flair-ups but they are likely caused because I splurge on the foods that Dr. Agrios asked that I try to reduce or stay away from (cheese is my weakness!). I would happily recommend Dr. Agrios to anyone that is looking for a natural medicine alternative to conventional medicine treatment. She is very knowledgeable and treats her patients like they are important. She cares about finding a natural solution that is acceptable and manageable in everyday life.
Aphrodite Papanikolaou
Larry-Cook-Photo-125pixels-wide Nasal Congestion
After 12 years of daily use, I am now free of (conventional) nose spray thanks to naturopathic medicine and the help of Dr. Angela Agrios, ND. I’ve been free of nose spray and nasal congestion for over a year now. I found out through Dr. Agrios that I didn’t have a nasal infection.  Prior to meeting Dr. Agrios, I had tried every possible natural remedy you can think of, including the neti pot, sinus rinses, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, various herbs, colloidal silver, every natural nose spray on the market (almost all aimed at reducing or eliminating nasal infections) – if it was natural, I tried it.  So, it turns out that my circulatory system was weak, and actually, I didn’t realize this, but my nose bleeds and some foot problems I was having were all related to my circulation problems.  So Dr. Angela Agrios figured out that I needed to help my circulation and related systems to fix the problem.  She had me stop eating bread (processed food) and had me start taking a lot of different supplements, including a “vein formula,” Vitamin C, CoQ-10, a B Vitamin complex, and many more.  This all helped, and I was able to stop using nose spray during the day, but still needed to breathe when I went to bed.  Then she told me that the nose spray was putting me on a path towards congestive heart failure, and that got my attention.  She upped my CoQ-10 dose and I stopped using nose spray at night.  After few days I was able to stop using the (conventional) nose spray altogether, and I have been nose spray free and nasal congestion free for over a year!  Wow!  Thank you Dr. Agrios!
Larry Cook